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  • Keep tract of loan activity online from anywhere
  • Email monthly statements to borrowers and renters
  • Text message payment reminders
  • Keep photos of received checks and envelopes
  • Print monthly statements, envelopes and return envelopes
  • Print or email demands, late letters and reconveyances
  • Print annual info onto IRS form 1098


About Us

Vizifi.Com is a product of Walden Capital Trust. We are a small group that has been servicing the investment needs of private investors since 1976. Because we specialize in privately placed loans, we are familiar with many of the unique problems associated with this type of investment. Over the past 35 years Walden Capital and its partners have arranged an uncountable number of trust deed secured notes for over one hundred different private investors. We have found that one of the earliest challenges a private investor will face is how to accurately keep track of all the payments, fees, advances and balances for each borrowers account.

Most of the investors at Walden, for various reasons, prefer to service their own loans. Each investor has reached a certain skill level at servicing their loans. Some are very advanced in their record keeping, while others see their records snaking down a coffee stained page with illegible notes scrawled in the margin (You know who you are!).

Frequently we have to assist an investor by taking their record of payments received and recast it on the computer to figure the accurate balances. This can be a thankless task depending on the quality of the investors records, advances, late or other charges, and missed payments. And don't forget, some fees charged may incur interest while others should not.

To help meet this need and lighten our work load, we have created Vizifi.Com .

Vizifi.Com is designed to help you keep good accounting records, and at the same time give your collection efforts a professional and systematic appearance.

The Vizifi.Com system is really designed to help the investors we already deal with, but with the internet, anyone can benefit from it.

There are some additional benefits to keeping your records on the internet.

  • All of your data is stored at a backed up and secure server, so there is no more risk of losing your data if your computer crashes.
  • You can copy your records and save them to a spreadsheet on your computer.
  • You can manage your accounts from any computer with internet access, giving you some travel flexibility.
  • Youre borrower can review the account on line when you give them their own password (but they cannot change any data).

Walden Capital is managed by Marshall Murphy, a Real Estate Broker licensed by the State of California Department of Real Estate.