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  • Keep tract of loan activity online from anywhere
  • Email monthly statements to borrowers and renters
  • Text message payment reminders
  • Keep photos of received checks and envelopes
  • Print monthly statements, envelopes and return envelopes
  • Print or email demands, late letters and reconveyances
  • Print annual info onto IRS form 1098


Our Overview

Discover the benefits of Vizifi.Com servicing support. We call our system "The Middle Way". This is because you, the lender or landlord, will be responsible for the actions necessary to make sure your contracts are accounted for and serviced properly. We are not a full service company, but we can make it much easier for you to service your loans or your lease agreements yourself.

If you already service your loans yourself, this is a great value to have accurate accounting and simplify communication with your borrower.

If you manage your own properties, this is a great way to have your rent collection efforts look professional.

If you use a loan servicing company or a property management company, our service is an opportunity for you to save substantial servicing fees and keep the late charges for yourself.

All of your data are stored on the internet on a backed up and secure server. So there is no more risk of losing your data if your computer crashes. Also, you can manage your accounts from any computer with internet access.

The Fee for your annual membership is $30
For each contract serviced, a Fee of $ 3 per year will be charged.


  1. Establish an account for yourself.
  2. Establish an account for each of your borrowers with information about their loan or lease.
  3. Each payment period, go online and enter the
    • Date of Account Activity, Amount of Payment Received (or Advances), and Description of Payment/Advance.
    • Amount of any Non-Interest Bearing Fees Incurred.
  4. The web site will calculate for the account the allocation between principal and interest, and the new balance.
  5. The web site will also keep a separate balance of all fees you charge which do not incur interest.
Basic On-Line Record Keeping
  1. You can easily keep track of all borrowers, lessees and renters in your portfolio.
  2. You and the borrower/lessee can review the account online.
  3. You can E-Mail statements.
  4. You can print and mail statements each month.
  5. You can print mailing envelopes and return mail envelopes.
  6. You can print 1099int forms.